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Anti-vaxxers around

Oh dear boy! When the people you trust and want them to be in a good state and they don’t use the opportunity to do their part and try to use safety precautions. We are stuck right there in a mess.

Only I am vaccinated in my family while everyone is an antivaxxer. One of them coughs even without covering their mouth. This just frustrates me. I try to help them understand but they make sure that they don’t listen to me.

The weather is changing hence its a seasonal flu season as well here.

I feel pretty calm to have some protection thou’.

I just don’t even understand how I can be a family member of this household.

I feel great that I am able to make choices which are for the highest good.

Sometimes I feel like crying out because one of them yelled at me when I went down to ask how are they doing?

My compassionate and caring heart is bruised by their words.

I have decided to feel safe by doing my deed and then what else.

A young millennial in a mess. But she knows she is resilient and bright.

4 thoughts on “Anti-vaxxers around

  1. Hugs to you Vrushali and for doing your bit in making people understanding to be safe and protect people in their surroundings. It bogs me down to see the anti-vax and it’s plain stupidity. Be yourself always and keep shining.

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