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Engagement Feelings

So, as a young woman I find myself in some moments where I randomly search for proposals, blue topaz rings, engagements and so on. I love proposing but I want to feel that feeling too.

Right now I don’t have anyone under radar who could do this deet or some of them weren’t quite there yet or just didn’t operated that way. Fair enough!

I am planning December Vlogmas already and have few things locked up for the same. And in that I would like to include 7 month dating experience via an app too. It was a good experience and that’s what the reason I was on there. Just to see!

Coming back to rings! They all are so brilliantly created. It means so much!! I am not a big jewelry person. You’ll hardly see me donning any jewels. I just wear a ruby neck piece. Rings and bangles and stuff like that just create a separate kind of track while working on laptop. Tak tak tak! I get irritated. So the man whoever and whenever he gets a download to get on his knees and blurt out the truth with love. He need to understand that let the ring be something I can just remove and keep aside and isn’t big enough that my beautiful fingers hids beneath the treat to eyes.

“I’ll marry you with paper rings”

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