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Oily Sunday in September

Oily me & my hand-stitched DIY Kimono

So, yesterday night I oiled my hair up and in the morning I had a full body massage. Oily oily! Added few drops of essential oil and omg feeling good.

Now, I am waiting for the water to get a bit warm so that I can have a nice scrub and shower well.

What I’ve noticed is that these little moments make me feel like a queen. Thou I want to get a spa done once. But not done yet. Total home stuff. The thing is to oil our body up and “Ragdo” meaning to massage and let the blood circulate.

Press down the points on legs and you will feel few of the points getting a bit ouchy or maybe you will giggle.

Massaging my boobs with my oily hands is so satisfying. Like, I feel my boobs wanted to get touched and massaged and caressed since a while. So, they are happy too. Later, will tweeze few hairs popping out of aereolas. I didn’t knew but there are lots of women who are getting hairs there. So, calms me a bit down.

Finally, a mammal will have hairs all over.

Once I had a nice shower I dried my hair in the hazey sunshine. You know! The weather is acting trippy.

After such a well pampered session and a good lunch I walked towards my bed to have a nice cosy nap. And when I woke up I saw that it was raining.

Made some tea! And promoted my thoughts of oiling our bodies each month and having a good bath. Stress free day!

Later I shot a video covering my thoughts on La Casa De Papel which I binged watched on Saturday.

Here is the video:

Did you saw Money Heist?

Have a good week ahead.


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