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Birth Control

So as we know there are ways to keep the risk of getting pregnant at bay. But as you know we need someone for that sake. Haha!

I was seeing a man last month as you guys know and I thought of purchasing the birth control so that we can enjoy some sex if we get any. The scenario didn’t went around that point and I just had to toss the BC aside. But at least I got the experience of what goes into getting those and what are its pros and cons. At least I acted as a responsible adult. Of course condom is there always. But you know what I mean. Okay! He turned out to be turtle like and I stepped out.

So BC are also prescribed not only for women avoiding pregnancy but they are also recommended to women who face any other issues.

You need a prescription to get on BC so I spoke to a Dr. And she asked tons of questions to me which I answered. The world have changed so much that this necessary steps can be taken from your fingertips. No need to stumble and wait on in the line somewhere.

But as I was a bit confused and all. Still I chose to get this option sorted. But haven’t used those yet.

I chose to get them just for the sake to avoid any pregnancy scares later.

But now for this or that reason they’re not the part of my routine. I don’t have to remember the time and when I need to take it. Because who’s taking it!

I just want to let any girl out there who is figuring out any stuff on her own that make sure the man is right and use your sense and get some contraceptive. Its better to keep some consequences at bay.

This Site is helpful if you are looking for any consultation online. Next option here

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