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The want to feel appreciated

There was a point in my life where I used to feel like when I have everything and I am independent I can get whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted it. And that point is still there and I am grateful for it.

But since a while my heart has been needing someone else to appreciate me. Maybe get different stuff for me, purchase books, makeup for me and give me ton of gifts. I want to enjoy being a receiver.

Did you felt that desire? Especially being a woman?

Then later that day I saw a man with another woman and I had that surge of Independence and freedom and self-esteem and I found my centered self where I can treat my self and appreciate myself. There are many things in life which will show up to make you realize that why you are you and the thing you have is a blessing. Freedom!

But anyone who’s reading this,

Treat others. Get them gifts. If you can do that by all means do that. Get their favorite stuff without them asking you. Surprise them! Because they always do.

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