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I am partially vaccinated!

Towards hope!

Your girl booked a slot and then headed to the centre that day to see how the folks were being crazy and not even standing in the line. Your girl loves when some rules are understood and followed. The centre I went to didn’t rule out any laws and hence people were standing sticking their asses to each other to enter. Like! What the fuck! So, I saw that and came back home. 

There is no point in waiting until the pigs stop to fight. They would never know how stupid they are. They would just be happy in the whole process. 

Without rescheduling, I went to another centre where people were in line and everything was handled so well. I was given token no. 11 

The name of the vaccine I got is Oxford Astrazeneca Covishield

Today I got vaccinated! Thanks to all doctors and researchers. Love you! 

I am now partially vaccinated and writing this. 

Always, you have a choice. 

Pluck yourself out of the madness if you have a choice and go with something which shows some discipline. 

When there is discipline then only we can have freedom. Without that things would become insane. 

And I like when the situations such as this have a secure and safe environment. I thrive and I am the happiest in that. 


8 thoughts on “I am partially vaccinated!

  1. This was a great one. So important to know we all have a choice. Choose what’s best but do not give people a hard time when we all do not agree. It’s definitely bananas out here. Keep on pushing. You got this! Thank you for writing this.

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