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Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik. Wait game!

Hey lovelies.

I haven’t got any jab yet. The state I live in has suspended the jab of vaccine I wanted. Which is Covaxin. Sputnik manufacturering will begin in August and then we have the option for that as well. So, I am in the waiting game.

The period to take another shot of Covishield has been pushed by 90 days. And as the vaccine shortage is creeping in many people aren’t able to get the second jab. And that’s worrisome.

So, yesterday I thought of waiting for Sputnik. As after the Covishield which is only available they time is 90 days for that and I don’t want to push myself in when the resources are scarce.

To book up a slot in India is a game. Not everyone can grab it as the system denies to cooperate. Daily at any given time slots are opened and even we get notified we had to enter the appointment app from start which includes entering fucking captcha code and OTPs. And then boom the slots are filled. Lol!

With the waiting game for Sputnik I am going through the Russian data and the people across the world who got it. I am okay with taking paid doses. I just want a good one.

Many things have come up in the past with Covishield which is made alike Astrazenca. Like, they produced together with the lab here. People are getting clots. Government has also threw a flyer saying that if you have these and these symptoms MAN you are getting those clots after your vaccine. Head to ER!

All of these is a mess. So, shall I wait for some time as we aren’t getting any slots and resources which will fulfill the jab sessions for 18+

Oh yeah! And many intellectual people are saying that the third wave is coming too.

The guy who seems great had got the Covishield and I am still wondering and stuff. So me! I hope many slots would be open and I will get my jab.

4 thoughts on “Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik. Wait game!

  1. I think this bottleneck will be removed soon and you’ll be able to get your vaccine. Covishield and Covaxin have similar efficacy, so you can go for any of the two. I’ve no idea about Sputnik…got my first shot (covishield) a couple of weeks ago, and am hopeful that in a couple of months, Covishield will be available for the second shot too. All the best!

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