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May the sad pang go away

I am tired of the conversations topics which are so repetitive. I am tired of all the social media stuff coming my way. I am tired of everything getting messy. I am tired of the transformation and disruption. I am feeling sad. About how things are getting in my nation. It’s heartbreaking.

Lately, it has definitely taken a toll on me. I am always worried. More than last year. I am willing to learn or get my eyes on some other news. It’s very tiring. Very much that I want to cry every day.

So, I am taking some breaks from social media as it’s becoming very overwhelming and I am not able to handle it all, all at the same time.

I registered myself on the app. My parents aren’t registering themselves. This makes me cry a lot more.

Slots for vaccination for 18+ are not very available. It’s tiring to know and see that.

We need more vaccine.

I know one thing for sure that I want to relocate to another country where I can be happy with my family. And the government knows how to handle stuff.

New Zealand did it best.

My nation is hurting. It’s devastating to watch. It’s very much harder to hold back. It’s harder when your family doesn’t choose to believe and get vaccinated.

The pressure increases and the anxiety rockets high through.

I am hanging in here. Getting through this mess and I know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Ray of hope!

I just don’t want to hold on conversation on the topic. I want to give my mind a break from all of this. And not feel guilty about it.

I am no more watching influencers who are only amplifying posting exhausted and unverified leads. It’s so much to take when you see it every fucking where.

I want to see some good news too which will set my mind in a good perspective. A mindset which will help me wade through all of this.

But as I write this I feel a sense of relief too. A feeling of grounding. Writing on this page has always helped me. To settle and to have more faith.

I want to make more creative content and I am a total believer that art heals me and everyone.

So, for tomorrow I have planned a nice video which will be live on Instagram and for each like I will raising $1 and directing it to a foundation.

So, I am going to choose what makes me happy and help people and my community.

Let’s do this!

Sending positive vibes💕

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