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Rolling proudly in 24!

Trust me while things are going crazy around with the pandemic it takes a lot of time to consider taking some time out and enjoy the day.

But today I am not gonna complain right now. We can see it all in the news.

Today we will talk about how we get the at the point where we won’t keep on hugging the worry and long for another issue.

It’s very important to come to that Golden median and realize where we need to find the balance.

I enjoyed the day. I am so much grateful for my family and friends who made me feel special. All my friends online as well were so amazing.

So, I had a pre-birthday party and I was enjoying myself by wearing some good clothes going on the terrace and clicking pictures. As we aren’t allowed to get to cafe and malls and all of it is closed.

I enjoyed each moment. Loved each second. Felt the gratitude.

Then later it was new moon in Aries and I did some ritual at night with some meditation and some party tracks. New intentions and goals! I lit the candle up and wrote over it “BLOOM” just to make myself remember that you need to bloom through thick and thin and conquer the world.

Got in the act

It was great!

Then, rather than ordering cake from the bakery because I don’t know how hygienic they are.

I donated to a charity which are feeding people who are in the Metro city. So, I felt compassionate and good. This is the feeling I was looking for.

Earlier I was gonna get some decorations Item from Amazon and stuff but later I thought of “what exactly brings joy and what the community needs from me at the moment”

So, I directed towards something which will help people.

My grandma called me and gave me her blessings. I miss going at her place on my birthday or at least during my birthday week. But later, my uncle came over to my house to wish me and bring in some goodies approved by my lovely grandma.

She is the most senior member of my family so we respect her alot right.

Each member is very important in my life.

Later, after talking with my friends over the call. The next day a cake was baked at home. Safe!

Thanks to Mommy, Daddy and my little MasterChef Brother.

Today still I am in the party mood and I am happy and proud of the woman I am now and becoming.

Now the aesthetics those balloons might have brought to the photos are replaced by the most higher purpose. Evolving!


Thanks so much for being the part.


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