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Possessive Bee!

I am possessive over a yoga mat. So, I practice Yoga or some form of exercise every day. Today my little brother asked me whether he can borrow my Yoga Mat and Oh holy moly allowed him and kept churning through my emotions.

“That’s my mat. That’s where I get to unwind and that’s my peace moment” 

And as I went about the day I thought “That mat have given me space to set things in perspective and my brother can use this space too”

So, sharing my things doesn’t come naturally to me. I try to control and dominate everything and if I feel that there is not that energy of me being in a dominant role. I go for new then. Forget about what I was possessive for. And turn towards complete new stuff.

And interestingly this is what I try to apply in all the sectors of my life. My own thing!

Lol!! Yes. That’s so much me.

But anyways I am giving my Yoga Mat to my brother and he folds it and keeps it where it is supposed to be. Without messing!

Do you get possessive?

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