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Pluralistic Ignorance

“Pluralistic Ignorance” This is a new term I read in the book I have my hands on currently which is called “The Influence of Persuasion” Yass! This year I am making sure I READ. Read something good and insightful.

Today in the same book I came across a theory about how we look for a social proof and act. Our each decision is based on what social proof it holds and how everyone behaves. Do they imitate or initiate? Do they keep on thinking?

Thinking what?

A mentality when there is a confusion about taking required action and assuming that someone will act upon and take action and won’t just stay laid back. So if there is a chaos going on or someone is having a fight on the road and the neighbors keep on watching through their windows and no one does nothing. Nothing! A lady might feel like she is safe in certain locality because of how many people are present there, but no! That’s not how we shall think.

If a person X is in trouble on the way that person needs to point to “X” person and ask for help. Straightforward in asking help! From whom you need and how? It just makes the entire confusion go away. People won’t keep on looking at each other if you are in any trouble. Just point! Point at someone and ask for their help or assistance.


Or the circle of living human beings will just end up assuming that someone might be helping your ass already.

People might hesitate and won’t initiate their hands to help someone. The whole community seasoned in this urban culture is ignorant. Feelingless creatures!

Sometimes I wonder whether I am like that too. Ignorant of certain things happening around just because people can go crazy. Am I afraid of that? Yes! Because, maybe I don’t know whether at a certain point I will get any justice. Whether I would have anyone’s back. If I get in between of someone’s fight whether I will be beaten as well? That fear!

Lets take an example of social media, if a huge personality hypes someone up, the whole crowd starts to support, follow or hype them up. That’s the pluralistic attention.

That’s just a human nature and that’s what social proof is all about. We are always seeking it!

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6 thoughts on “Pluralistic Ignorance

  1. Hey this is an insightful post on the need in helping others which I am always willing but there is also some conundrum on people hesitating to receive the help. But, what matters is you tendered the hand. It’s true about social media where many among us have fallen to the bait, not in that fashion but yes, we do get into such pluralistic ignorance.

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