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Snyder Cut Saturday

Justice League Snyder Cut

So yesterday my lovelies I saw Justice League Snyder Cut for the second time. Yes. I sat there for four hours just to get some new perspective and take down some pointers. I am a great movie buff you see. Here in India, we don’t have HBO Max hence we gotta to rent or get the movie via a platform called as BookMyShow.

On Friday, I rented it and me and my brother started the Snyder Cut. It was exquisite experience.

So, I am not a real fan of either of these universes like Marvel and DC but the hype makes me see this stuff more. And the story behind the Snyder Cut is something which draws me towards that more. Loss!

Why I say so? So, as the movie reaches the finishing line the screen goes saying “For Autumn”. The movie is dedicated to Snyder’s daughter. Let’s not get into the matter about how she died and why. Let’s just understand and acknowledge that how some loss can make one take four long years. What did those four long years meant for Justice League? Well fleshed out character. All the actors got a lot of meat to work on their character. The Writing was done better. We got emotionally invested in all the characters and now we know their journey so far.

We see mother and son relationship. We see how the relationship between son and father evolves.

Every character has lost something they loved and now they know that they all are working on it by trying to be open once again.

The Soundtrack this time is different and is made my XL Junkie.

Whatever! It was okay to sink into the world of Snyder in the different ratio.

Loved it!

Did you saw it? Do you relate to what I am talking here!?

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