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Dates and Tastes #4

My city has gone under partial lockdown and there is no way I can get out and date and well well. I deleted my account on the dating app too.

I want someone who is interested and a confident person.

A real man!

Why I took that decision?

All men I’ve seen on here are having lots of addiction issues and are addicted with their past. Whatever it was. Few of them have problems at home and they don’t even enjoy their own birthday and other little things. They smile and laugh very conservatively. And I don’t find that safe and sound.

If you are not ready to be open. How the hell things gonna show up for you.

So, I am waiting for a good man to come in and be like a real man and treat me like a woman.

What I mean?

The men I came in contact with and was adored were the breed of men who felt intimidated BY ME. Well, well, the way I was open, the way I took a stand that no one splits the bill but pays the whole sum. I was manned-up. Sure!

I want Christian Grey. Lol!

The other guy who confessed his feelings but I haven’t reciprocated is a meme-sender and doesn’t have anything interesting to say. May be just sending me memes is the new love language. I find that ridiculous. What’s your take?

Now, I am gonna wait patiently. Very soon his presence will be collided with my universe.

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Love and sassiness!


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