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Ain’t opening it today

So, today I didn’t opened any of my social media app. Just to keep myself and my work mind away for today. I switched off the internet for these apps so even thou’ my fingers were tapping on the app on auto-pilot there was no update to be seen.

Every time I did that I said “Here you go again” haha!

I just took a day off and cleaned up my room, read a book, had a nap, played ukulele and so on. I kept it simple and all about me. I didn’t went out to meet anyone or to just get out. I stayed inside and just sorted the mess up.

Replenished now I am ready to kick start March with a great performance.

I figured out that I need to indulge in more specific way of browsing this internet rather than just tappin over socials. Today I feel totally satisfied as I am keeping my hands off any messaging apps and so on. Today I am not afraid if I miss out on my clients feedback or revision needs. I have the calender set and and I will be dawning to screen through all the messages if there are any tomorrow.

I called him yesterday while he was out with his friends and told him that I am just gonna pamper with myself. He is very descent guy and I would like to know him more nicely.

Over and above I thought of getting a bicycle today to you know go Gaga all over the streets and then thought of investing that money to travel somewhere when the pandemic calms down.

There are again restrictions ordered and night curfew in my city. So, I am just with my Yoga and Dance routine.

Learning moves on Baila Conmigo was my favorite moment this week.

How was your week so far?

2 thoughts on “Ain’t opening it today

  1. Cycling is a cool way to be and stay fit. It’s been ages I haven’t been on a bicycle and tuning off social media…gotta do that once. Such a cool idea to spend time with yourself. Hope you rocking as always!

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