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Dates & Tastes #3

Hey! I was gonna jump on here to document the date I went day before yesterday but yesterday night your lady got into the cycle of listening to music, being on conference call and chatting with the man she went on a date with.

This man recommended a movie called as all the bright places and I saw it when I came back home and loved the last ten minutes of the movie because there was lots of fodder there to chew on.

He has same kind of interest and is very seasoned man. Great pronunciations and great tastes.

He wanted to split the bill and I was like someone pays the full and that was me. He exclaimed that So, you are the man! And I was like, yes! I am bossbabe! We don’t split. So, the man I love shall pay the whole amount and shall never ever split it. We aren’t college kiddos anymore. Man up!

I feel in my rhythm acting strong! Lord! I treat you like a King and so shall you treat me like a Queen, always! That’s what I want.

Later, he drove me back to my place in his car and we had a long drive where I asked him to play my playlist which had poppy songs and fun songs like “raining tacos” on which we bursted into laughter.

So, it went well! He took in two pints of Budweiser right in front of me while I was lavishing my pasta.

I spoke a lot! Like alot! I was happy spending my Sunday with someone who is into charity stuff and like markets and exchanges.

As the government mentions that they could bring back lockdown I said to him that I will get out for hugging everyone before we get back in lockdown and he replied that ” kiss also”. So, I don’t know!

Well guys you know I am rambling so bear with me.

Last week I happened to delete bumble. And now! I am boiling down the men to one maybe. I don’t know! I can have some nice flings but I am not drawn towards them to have a nice romantic relationship or so. Only one guy seems attractive with whom I would like to have more good time with but then he is very much narcissist and not at all self assured and I am very much into self-assured guy.

For relationship none of the guys can be but I am happy to at least know them. I don’t even know if I will kiss them.

So, our search shall be possibly still go on for a self-assured man looking for a meaningful relationship and have a strong romantic heart which is very generous and sarcastic.

So! What I am thinking is that to go on some me-time dates and have some good time. But, yeah! With this new guy I had good laughter time.

To this point I am certain of the fact that all guys think that I am interviewing them. Hehe!

But this guy looks good on the basis of calmness. So! Yeah!

Also, I have noticed a fact that all men after we are half way through are chatterbox go to a loo/washroom. And I don’t know why!? Haha!

He is into stock market too and that arouses me as even I do that. So, we are in sync on that frequency!

The other man who is a bit page like meaning not self-assured drives me crazy because of how well he spoke to my mom that day. Hehe! But he is my friend and I don’t know why he ever thought of falling in love.

Because, I am not falling for him whatsoever.

I do all of this and get back to my work thinking of not wanting any of these men and all of them are mad.

That’s how I feel like a Queen. Much more! I have a good thing with me.

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