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Why is it so?

A few days back we had a family ritual at home and five ladies who are married were called at home for the traditional event we do every year.

One women’s husband is a doctor and she removed the mask when she got home here and I wore it. So all this scenarios make me anxious and think what not. Things are getting back to normal and right after two days from valentine. The government has accelerated the news about rising cases in the state.

And I am like why are you guys making this seem like a thing to just hold on to and keep the other points going on down.

My periods are on its way and that makes me moody. So, I am here ranting! I have also catched a bit of cold due to changing weather conditions and feeling better after some medicines too.

I just don’t understand why people behave this way and even my family.

A few days back a state in my country had an earthquake.

And now I keep on viewing the YouTube page analyzing what’s happening on earth. Where are volcanos and what’s happening in the ring of fire zone. I spent two working hours of my business lifestyle in watching a documentary covering the Japan tsunami and earthquake.

Also, the polar vortex is a complete new concept for me and something I forgot which was taught in school.

So many things happening!! What’s happening with you there?

15 thoughts on “Why is it so?

      1. I’m doing great. I’m from Kenya. Not sure though if we are still under any kind of lockdown, people move freely here😂 We’re having a nationwide curfew. I’m not even sure if the virus is real anymore

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  1. People are so irresponsible! We don’t want to take our responsibilities and shift blame. That’s what leading to thesecond wave. The pandemic reminds us how we abuse nature and the whole slide which happened. I didn’t know you are from Uttarakhand or is it? Don’t worry girl things will be fine and tis too shall pass. I am in lockdown too with the second wave. So, coming to terms with things 🙂

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