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Dates & Tastes #2

Hey you!

Today as it’s Sunday I was supposed to meet one of the guys but I am chilling with myself and postponed the Meetup.

A day back my friend whispered three words “I love you” to which I giggled. Omg! He confessed and his messages starting today to commence Valentine’s day is really annoying for me. He sends selfies and I hate that. Super annoying! And I don’t want to meet him ever again too. So it’s all pretty confusing but I like him too but he is not at all self-assured.

I am continuing with the dating spree and will meet half of the batch later this month. I am excited to meet one who is very compassionate. At least he works that way.

So! I don’t know why do men send their pictures. Do you guys seek validation? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous? Or is that a love language, huh?

For me! This is absolutely crazy behavior. Literally crazy. Don’t ask for picture all the time and don’t send your picture either. Like, why on Earth would you do that. No way! This behavior gotta stop and I am out of that spree. Not at all involved.

Happy Valentine’s week sweethearts!

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