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Dates & Tastes- January round up

Ask questions and get straight answers so you are free to wade through the sea even if its on your own.

So. So. So.

The two guys I was dating are done with. One of them is like very confusing but you know what I really liked him. He is super good with words and the conversation just flows. Now he feels that if he keeps on talking with me he will fall in love or either of us and there is no future as he assumes and I am like, okay!

So, I straight up messaged him how he is looking forward to take this and what’s his views instead of just judging him and getting over thinking for the next whole week about when he will call. I am so direct that I just want straight up truth because you know I can take it all instead beating around the bush. Time not wasted and we get to the truth. I like that!

So… Whatever! I am next up with other two men and maybe I will meet them this week around.

Clarity is the king! The guy who I was talking about earlier has birthday this week and I have already gifted him some goodies on the meeting we had. He is nice, ya!

It’s like he is into same arts and I am like it would have been great to know him and work or partner with him but now I can’t take that step because he is havin’ total different mindset. As of now, okay!

What I appreciate myself is that I was direct and I asked Questions. That is always better. Ask questions get answers and think! And you know where to take the boat. It’s another thing to understand and it’s totally another thing to know. Okay!

I am keeping my fingers cross for that person I am talking here because I guess we could talk and match up. But, lord knows! But as of now I chose to take a step back from “Mr.V”

Next up on list are intelligent men and I guess we already know each other. Hehe!

So! It has been good.

The things I am churning over in my head is that will I be meeting any man who will ever take the initiative. Will there be that person who stands tall and says stuff and is confident.


How you tread your partner when going on first meet/date?

Share in comments below. 🌞

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2 thoughts on “Dates & Tastes- January round up

  1. It’s really cool to see someone who is direct, either a Yes or No! It matters to be sorted out and keep the fun going, meeting like-minded and all kinda souls. Glad to read your posts on dating and all. Been on Tinder too?

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