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January: Love, Relationships 2021

Okay. So I am starting this whole brand new decade by revamping the dating and actively participating in knowing them all and maybe I will fall in love with any one or may be they will fall in love. Let’s see what happens. Here I will be sharing few of those things. So, lets get out the cat out of the box.

I was so much horny on 1st January that I was onboard of a dating website called as Bumble and filtered out men. Nice and handsome men. My profile was looking up for hook-ups. Was I also feeling that, Yes!

(in this blog you may find my words going here and there bear with me)

So, while I was discussing this with my best Friend K He confessed his feelings and wanted to hook up and get on. And I was like, no! You just be friend. That’s it! Since that day his meme forwarding saga have been paused. He doesn’t seem gutsy!

On earth!!! Then the other man was a online fiesta. Just good to know! But he had his own shadows to ramble about. I was his spiritual teacher. I helped him Wade forward…lol! But as sweet and cute lady I am. He didn’t want to turn me into a hook-up. Okay! Alright..

My friend who I am still friends with did hover around and still is but we have made it pretty clear didn’t we.

The guy to whom I teached Ikigai and how to take steps in business was more like a Consultation call. Lol! He was so messed up. Omg! He shared his hook up tales with me was later turned into a deep monogamous relationship. While going at her town to have some good sessions he had a complete mind of just having a hook up but just after a week his heart become a melting pot along with that lady. And I was keeping forth my same point! That thou you manage to have only hookup as a human you get attached. Okay.

So..that guy from that town was just a survey party for me. That’s it! Just getting to know how people my age are banging on during these times.

The other guy is like a good guy okay. In the beginning when we started to talk he had good replies, good conversation flow and still often he does. He is good with lots of stuff and is pretty articulate. I love that! But I don’t know as of now if he could manage to share a min to at least speak to me and keep the conversation going. He seems very busy and is obsessed with sport. A lot! And tweets all the time. He is everything I like in a person and he completely forgets that you exist during that tournament times and all. Like I have no idea…what’s he thinks like.. exactly! He says he has his own shared of fun..and he wants to know mine but I just don’t want to share anything and neither I am asking him to share anything.

This type of men keep me in a good mood and these same type of men piss me off too. Lol! I don’t know if he might be different. Hence, I am giving it a full shot. He has been dating around and I wonder why he haven’t got stuck with anyone yet. Also, this all leaves me with a sense of amusement. What he wants exactly and how he is like.

The corazon meeting with him let’s address him as V went well. Pretty well! I bought a bday gift for him to which is just a week away.

There are lots of things our choices differ on and he likes Twitter while I like Instagram. Lol!


Now in my mind I am thinking like does he really he want to talk or show up or speak or churn through or anything like that…I have no idea!

Let’s find out more later.

But so far I did received chat but they were like shorter…..aiyoo!

I like long talks…

Few guys I am not at all talking anymore.

Let’s see where this man goes. Let’s see! Okay.

My thing for this year more than a resolution is that no dating like a crazy but making a good relationship build on a strong foundation and take it from there. Not that many dates with no results. We gotta think about ROI! Right.

Less dates, trying to choose perfect ones and trying to make it work

The guy I went on a meeting with has a good burst of laughter. Will be telling about V more. Okay!

Fingers crossed as I think about hook-ups of mine or a nice relationship this year.

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