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Happy working on 31st December 2020

Establishing my business I have understood that until the standard is set I can’t take holidays like casually on 31st because it’s 31st. I was just scrolling through Instagram and was just wondering if anyone feels the same way as I do. Building a business takes perseverence and belief. So, just like last year I am choosing to work and have a happy time doing it trusting the process and looking forward to get the best results.

I feel that once the business standard is set high one can have that bonus of getting a vacay especially on these days. And those days arrive after lot of sacrifice and hard work.

So, I will be spending time on working with my clients and creating a forward momentum as usual and helping. I am going to respect the opportunity I have and work through it as the time is right. Unknowingly, I am finding peace in working and making a living and getting independent. There is that luxury in this kind of freedom which I am savouring.

Do you relate with me?

So, I have decided to stay home. The uncertainty and the wisdom is telling me to stay in the house and do the work and travel through the Scripts. It’s divine!

The people we see through Instagram doesn’t really influence our decisions when we are making decisions with our heart for the highest good.

So, I am taking the work and I am doing it. With perseverence and not taking anything for granted I am learning from this year that if we are having a good intention we can help thousands of people around.

We have to set our own rules and get through the stuff.

So, I am in my pajamas, yawning a bit, drinking tea and scheduling work.

Let in that joy and abundance!

Once the time is right I am gonna go on a vacay with my boyfriend at Maldives and I will share my beauty cute little bum peeking through. Joy!

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Happy working on 31st December 2020

  1. Work is worship. I don’t understand this new year hoopla though I did go a little bit overboard with expensive buying the usual. I believe that hard work and determination pay in the long run and it shall. For one, I don’t believe in this whole ringing in new year party. I am always home, doing my things.

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