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Rush to witness the celestial event after 400 years.

So, I am just hyping about the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. Oh yes! This lovelies are gonna meet each other so close that it is a great celestial event. And also the start of Age of Aquarius. This all sounds so much fascinating.

Just think about how our ancestors witnessed this mega event. I have taken the keys to get over the terrace and witness the amazing event this evening. Let’s see!

They say a portal is gonna open. And I am totally excited for this all. The new google doodle looks so cute. The saturn raising his ring sphere as a hat and the Jupiter is happy to meet him after so long. The new era begins!

They say that the conjunction will happen at 18:00 PM.

It feels good! As it is connected to some historic sense of faith.

Were Jupiter and Saturn in a long distance relationship?

I just want to see what is changing and how you are feeling.

I am feeling in my element. Today morning I woke up the horniest and felt so good. And I claimed it as a great masturbation in the name of Great Conjunction. Yahoo!

All of these milestone and highlights are just very wow. And I love documenting it.

Let’s talk about the Purpose I am setting for this new era.

To have good sex and a supportive partner with whom I can build the empire. I guess this is going to be one of the purpose specifically because the good relationship will help me to stay sane and evolve. Relationships in general would hold a importance as I look forward to serve the community as a whole.

To help people with my art, writings, products and by my presence.

Work with a good intention. Coming from good. Always!

This heavenly acts are class acts. Redefining a sense! Giving us a sense of joy. Watching this planets meet is so hopeful. That if the planets align and even it is after 400 years the joy is unmutable. The whole Universe will celebrate you! Your conjunction.

Take it all in!

Let’s have a great time as we enter a new era. Love ya!!

2 thoughts on “Rush to witness the celestial event after 400 years.

  1. Indeed, very powerful and celestial event carries not only symbolism but is also divine in bringing us closer to our ancestors and earth. Sex and masturbation is energy itself like you told beautifully, being a part of who we are as humans. One should never shy away from speaking about our sexuality.

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