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Movie Review: Ludo

A still from the movie. Fashion Goals!

Hey you love!

So yesterday on Diwali I and my brother had a delightful Cinema watching indulgence and we saw LUDO. So, Ludo is basically a Hindi Cinema which just got released over Netflix. Yayeee!

Watch the movie’s music Here

The way the movie is weaved together keeps us away from getting confused and brings in a sense of joy. There are five stories getting together. Pankaj Tripathi playing the character Santu brings an amazing performance. We have seen Pankaj Tripathi in a role of don for so many times now but this character allows him to flaunt in more style and you won’t get bored my any means. There is that newness!

Abhishek B playing the character Bittu is not annoying but bringing another element into the picture overall and using that little girl to make money. This or that way he has that “devil” feel.

Anurag Basu the Director himself plays the role of Sutradhar(the main controller of this story) who unfolds each piece just to make his disciple understand who will go in heaven and in hell and how all of that is calculated.

Oh my God! Aditya Roy Kapoor is a Tourist attraction (why am I saying this, watch the movie.. Lovelies) He looks so good in that yellow tone attires and his smile. OMG! His acting shows up and has came up with a descent performance. I love how he is getting on screens this year. Malang, Sadak 2 and now Ludo. I love this man! And this movie is good!

Let’s move towards Rajkumar Rao who makes us laugh and giggle as he flaunts Mithoon Chakraborty style over and over again for his school-time-crush Fatima. His performance is like always commendable!

Fatima and Sanya bring the wholeness to the screen and look like a girl next door with lots of depth to their character. Their performance will amaze you as well.

The little cutie Inaya is a treasure!

Rohit And Pearle performance brings an another edge to the film!

The music is melodious and classic! You need to hear that. Okay!

As everyone is saying I also feel that the Cinematographer and the Editing team deserves an award this year and the movie can be taught to the aspirants of film making students. It’s the gem!

Every character makes us get involved in their own story and we feel very attached. The story is written so well that we enjoy every beat it brings on. Let it be Sanya Malhotra’s Character who is trying to marry a guy with lots of money and she ends up sleeping with Aditya Roy Kapoor’s character. She breaksdown as she resists herself from getting involved emotionally with him as he is not that rich and his income is not stable. He is an artist! It was lovely to watch and Aditya Roy Kapoor at the Studio ….wow!

I really want to watch this movie at Theatres. It is the masterpiece!


5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Ludo

  1. Beta Ji…Babu Ji Pankaj Tripathi at his amazing best and love him on a killing spree in short haha. Rajkumar Rao superb but feels Abhishek is repeated with the same brooding role. I mean there is more to him as an actor. I love Sanya Malhotra and Fatimaa too. Somehow, I feel the length played against it with 2 hr 30 plus and should have been 1 hr 45 mins, in my view. But, not bad at all.


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