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Watching American Election from South Asia

It was all about constant refreshing of the feed in midst of work and watching out who is talking over and why it is taking so long. Here in India there are Bihar state elections going on as well but I was much more invested in The US because you know that’s the venue for POSSIBILITIES. The nation where you will grow and will have a good value of lifestyle if you work hard. There are lots of Indian immigrants living in The USA and most of the time the Indian Engineers pursue engineering to get out of India and live their dream life.

It is a high-value! Just like you and for all of us.

When Trump came up with his plan of not letting the Indians or people from other nations in, the Indian students and Employment seekers started to deviate their time and presence towards the EU and other North American countries. What is the great feeling at home for us when Joe Biden got elected is that “Now, WE THE INDIANS WON’T GET KICKED OUT”

The process of getting the VISAs could possibly ease out now and there is a ray of hope for the future generation.

For every person, Nation is the the safe house. I don’t know what exactly a certain segment of America feel at the moment but this is the new start of the rewarding decade. 2020 has made certain changes which provoked the people to think about “healing” from the sudden disruption. Yes! HEALING. Not only America but the globe is healing together.

As Joe Biden the President Elect of America will be having a meeting on Monday with Doctors and researchers. I feel the world is heading towards the great healing moment. And it have started with the World Superpower- The United States Of America.

As a twenty something, I see the politics turning its table in India as well. Is India doing great under Modi? Maybe No!

Will the World’s largest democracy seek any hints and inspiration from the USA. And will the tables turn here as well? I really want that.

Now, I woke up at sharp 6 AM IST here to catch up the Speech by President Elect Joe Biden and I was witnessing the historical moment and felt so proud of VP Kamala Harris as well. She is inspiring! The Year 2020 has shown the gems of the Global Politics who are tough and are women. Here comes the VP Kamala Harris and I see that America is in the wise hands now.

A breathe of Fresh Air. I was witnessing this moment from India. I live in Aurangabad a city in Maharashtra. I was not so much people to get on street and have drinks. But yes, they all wore masks. I was amazed as I cuddled with my blankets together and sitting on my bed. Back in 2016 as well I was watching the speech given by Donald Trump. I haven’t yet graduated at that time but my friends who were into Engineering were facing very obstacle to get in America.

Today as I saw the Biden Harris family enjoy the firecrackers. I loved how Biden greeted Kamala’s nieces. I wonder if Biden and Harris share the same relationship as Obama and Biden did. Unique!

As the speech was done I was recommended a video of Dr. Jill Biden and Michelle Obama and I was like “Woohooo! She is the new First Lady

Yes! So it was good. Very good! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “Watching American Election from South Asia

    1. Oh yes! That’s India’s biggest concern as the China & Pakistan try to crossfire over our borders.
      China getting its boots in and Trump supporting him was debated over and over in India.



  1. True the world needs healing and US of Opportunities has suffered a lot, becoming such an embarrassment with dumb Trump wanted to throw away all migrants. I hope Biden and Harris (Bihar) are able to restore values. True, I followed Bihar election that almost became a repeat of US one with late counting hehe.


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