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they wanted to meet & then I said NO

So here again a twenty something is ranting about stuff she is witnessing.

My friend called be all of a sudden in the evening and wanted me to come downstairs as the group were already standing …just to me meet me. .. hey! And as I was busy in home chores and as I am meeting very less people already. I said no…! Not now…I said I am busy and I can’t meet…

Then I asked…why are you here abruptly….all of a sudden…they were like…We came near your house for some work..and so on..and I replied “Do that work and go home”…😂

Well if this have been the situation pre-covid era I would have jumped and would have made sure that I meet my friends but now…I have to think a lot…like where are they coming from and what’s going on…blah blah blah!

Now they said “we will remember this”

And I was like…”fine, okay…take care”

Yeah…I am annoying…but it’s just that I care. Lol!

What are your guys thoughts?

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