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setting up the equilibrium| clients| Business

When something is not working out for you and your goals are totally different it is always important to choose what serves you for the best.

This is the experience I had with a client who were giving me good money for the services I offered but their structure to work was not giving me freedom to execute the things my way and just wanted me to keep them updated… reporting the status after every 2 hours. Wtf! No… Things doesn’t work that way virtually.

The client isn’t supposed to call you up for the meeting late at night (from same nation) Complete No to that! There are set hours for the work and that has to be followed at any cost. In the form of employee or solopreneur. Specifically, talking about employees one shall not give extra five hours if they haven’t signed up the agreement in that way and for that. So, what to do when certain managers/authority work in an insane manner? Lay out boundaries and say NO!

Have such a confidence that if this is not going to work there are other people and Businesses n Companies who aren’t new to the Virtual deals and they know how to behave. Being a business lady for a while I have gathered courage to say No which was very difficult for me in early days.

For me communication and the way they communicate is very important.

Have you ever been through something like this?

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