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The Full Moon in Aries (talking stuffs)

Time to change a lot of stuff. Big changes for good need to happen for me. I have been making sure to not hold on to the past and the past patterns. Because, I know that’s not gonna help me grow to the better person. Here we are to recognize what all have changed since past six months. I must say things have gone online where I tried to let in the breeze of online dating and also I created so many stuff which allowed me to explore new side of me and helped others out there to have a good laugh or at least a smile as we all are going through some kind of change. The last six months were something I started some new things just for the sake to know some kind of answers about how to approach certain things. Any business idea, partner, clients, love relationship which were creating some confusion were supposed to get out. For me at that point it was very important to get across some good books, songs, podcast which helped me in so many ways.

Thou’ the title is somewhat different I outted it on just because today it is full moon. Here in India we are having the National Holiday as it is Gandhi Jayanti.

Stuffs happening!

As I have been so active on social media for past few months I am slowing down over there at the moment and also there is lot of work on my platter. Hence if you message me on social media I might not get back ASAP because I am not checking it that often and so on. Only some stuff to scroll through. Work is the reason! Also, the place is becoming more of news portal and the unrest happening all around the world comes over the explore tab. But anyways I love Instagram!

Do you have ideas to explore more of the Instagram world and give me some exciting hashtags.

As I am a love birdie I keep on watching romantic videos where those bunnies kiss each other with the camera so damn close and the saliva making sounds….queeech!!! This is what am I getting virtually. lol. we all do. I am gonna fall for such a stronger guy when this all get sorted and we are back on track slippin our hands in each other pants.

The demanding clients are okay with whatever I offer but they want me to not behave and be like a girl in twenties but they want me to behave like a lady in thirties. Okay! just so you know your girl is 23 and I am focused n childish at the same time. And that’s me! And I am okay with it. The clients like my work and that’s what all matters. One of the work I am on is to communicate with the parents of childrens around the age 7-10 and the parents are possibly above 30 years old or so on and hence need to bring in more feel of their similar age now. When the manager there said I have a beautiful voice … I was like…full…blushing!! It has been so long a man loved my voice and feeling good about it.

When we work so much it is very important to not rush all the time but taking time to ease your butt.

When you are on screens all the time I read somewhere that we need to get our eyes rolling off from the screens after every 20 min and look at something else. Maybe your untouched …hahahaha!! Also, get up from wherever you are after 45 min and roam here and there like a trophy..fuck! Why I said Trophy…lol

After having some stressfull vibes and all and a jar of Nutella my oily skin showed up. Typical thing for a twenty something..and now I am calmed down as everything is sorted… all is good now…!!

Also, this time for the next months coming I need to show up with courage to have the conversation which might hurt a lot of people out there. What that might be? donno

Letting go of attachments is very important. Need to heal!!

It is all gonna be about daring big and having faith.

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2 thoughts on “The Full Moon in Aries (talking stuffs)

  1. Full moon is the best time to embrace new things and start something new, letting the positive vibes usher. Just be yourself 20s cool chick and that’s what matters, I feel. I am on Insta too and suggest how about spreading your work or small quotes, whatever works for you. The pandemic has called us to reinvent and what better way go digital makes so much sense. I will suggest you an ebook to read.

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