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Monday morning rush

Hello everyone my favorite virtual pals. I hope you are doing well.

I have a got a good start now. I actually got to enter an ed-tech sector where I am honing my sales skills which will help me out get my business onto next level in upcoming years. The company is doing well in ed-tech and now allowing people tp WFH and I am so happy to be involved in such a booming period. I went into this new industry just because I wanted to have some more skills which I literally know an University or college study won’t offer me. This is on-field experience where you are exhausted with the leads flowing on your board and the people you gotta convince. Setting up a virtual rapport with the manager is a task I am already good at because Hey! Your girl has been doing this for a while now and this guys have just started to work from their bedrooms. Corporate works only wants results! and I hope I will be able to achieve it.

So if you are also looking for something new or something more and even if you are turning to any degree course. I would recommend you to find yourself in an industry you want to be a part of. The money on getting the qualifications goes in vain. Once I got my grad I didn’t pursued any PG and simply started. But, yes I learnt a lot of skills and so much more which the world needs at the moment.

So, try doing something like that.

The days are gonna be busy for me and I am so ready. I am not much active on my social media these days. I did a YouTube Live for Tarot Readings and stuff like that. I might do a lot more Instagram Tarot Readings. People are receiving strong advice from the the cards and yes I am loving to help.

If you would like to follow the Tarot page or have any questions

Doing Tarot Readings as well. Lemme know if interested.

I charge on Pay What You Can Basis.

One thought on “Monday morning rush

  1. Congratulations and so well said in exploring potential. I am hosting workshops for an educational start up and been doing courses on Udemy. Learning is about razor edge and something we should never shy.


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