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Full moon in Pisces

Hello lovelies!

Happy September!!

So, it is full moon in Pisces and they say the emotions come on surface and you really can’t escape that.

It is one of those week where one just don’t get time to set back and relax and calm down. There is no time to cry no time to just stay still.

Whatever the astrology says I’ve been taking interest and reading too now as a Tarot Reader. I am loving helping people around. I am doing lives on YouTube and soon will start on Instagram as well.

So, this full moon I decided to just start some music in the background and write some notes down. It’s purification stuff that happens. All feelings on paper. Happy to reflect on it!

The past couple of months I have been reading about psychology as I also interviewed few psychologist. This stuff is so something which I am passionate as well. Yahoo!

So, talking about emotions this full moon. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take care of yourself and allow yourself to become vulnerable.

I was kind off a bit stuck overall. How to navigate to certain emotions of feeling confused about something. I did take my time and literally that took a lot of time. My multi tasking brain wants me to focus on single thing at a time now. And I am considering that because sometimes that can lead to exhaustion or burnout. So, slowing down is helpful!

Well, in India PUBG got banned check out my Video on Instagram regarding the same. It’s fun and you will enjoy.


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