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Things are changing and I am happy (interviews)

So, suddenly one day I got an email from a company which is from the education space that I’ve applied for a sales associate job which will be work from home and you need to fill in the details here to confirm the call.

I was so confused! Because, I couldn’t recall that I’ve applied to any job as such in the recent past. But, the email was legit, everything was legit so no prank or scam here which might happen.

Since, I started by own solopreneur journey it has been amazing and very deeply satisfying for me. But, when in back years I did applied for jobs which required me to relocate and do that kind off 9 to 5. Na! I am someone who hates being controlled or work for a fix hours for someone. This freelancing work which of course is experienced by so many people around the world allows me to be MYSELF and that’s most important.

Now, when I see then and now! Things while I give any interview round has changed tremendously. By cells see such calls as a meeting. The shift makes me feel so much proud to see how far I have come. I didn’t faced any nervousness while talking with the interviewer at all. But, while I was looking for job late back then I used to just get nervous sometimes.

Things which changed in the business and career sector allowed such company’s to consider the job interviews online on Zoom or Google meet. Late back then they asked me to travel so far JUST FOR INTERVIEW. That is crazy! I never went anywhere outside the state just for interview and jazz. Tell me if I am selected and then I will spend dimes on travel and come there to show you my formals. Truth: It is possible to cut off our expenses. (Well that worked for me)

And just after few years same company started to interview candidates, shortlist them and let them understand about the role. Such a simple thing could have happened late back then as well. But, now it is Okay for them too and now they are okay doing that thing which I was asking them to do few years back. Taking interviews on calls. Mobile calls, Video calls and so on.

Things are changing and I am happy!

It’s not just about cutting off the expenses. Of course, I would relocate if selected and the things seem appropriate.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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