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sanitizer kissed rainwater. Jeez!

Hello lovelies!

So, in the prior post I wrote about gliding over him and now I want rain to create some heat. I hope you like this prose as well.

Rain on me WAP

Year after year
I see us making out in the rain
Yes, the rain
on the terrace
I don’t see that desire fading away
Thinking that as a stupid idea
But, the desire to get clipped by you
the fire within me! ©April


Lately, I have been grooving over the Cardi B music WAP and I am loving it. Such a sexy song, lol! You know when we like some bold songs and we start to research who all are in the song and how the song was shot. Blah blah blah! I binged watched Kylie’s channel too and checked how expensive her make up products are (India Wise) Cardi B comes from the club and her Interview is bomb! I adore how these celebrities have created such an art out of the chaos. Say for example, Taylor Swift! I just heard her latest “The lakes” and literally the wordsmith she is. Wow! I want you guys to listen to that song. Okay!

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