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sanitized body of you

The sanitized body of you,

Glides over me

The post-pandemic world gasps at me

Your feel nourishes each cells of my body,

You pull me closer,

Say you are clean (lol)

Bumble boys were kicked out,

Hinge dating didn’t worked out,

Tinder didn’t allowed me to grind,


You make me feel winnn..

you are away like a sailor,

are you sure,

You want to drown in my eyes…

My lipstick is like a sanitizer,

More than SPF it has 99.9% alcohol in tizer…..

Make sure you don’t create any boundaries,

No Barriers,

No stuff in between,


Let me feel all your skin,

It’s just a keen-ess in me. That’s it!


9 thoughts on “sanitized body of you

      1. Sure… sure!! 💋
        I am happy that I was able to express my feelings… when I do it with that attitude…even if others don’t validate it with likes and showers of comments…💁 I am good!

        and looking other way around…people hesitate to comment because of juicy stuff kind off happening…lol…
        And I am happy to have both audiences..!

        Sending love! ✨

        Liked by 1 person

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