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The lust to seek the new

Hello loves,

(Do answer my questions at the end)

So, I have been taking a note of all the stuff which is trying to come back to normal and in different ways. The two months I have been in the house are the months I thought about each and everyone. When the things are trying to get back to normal to hold the economy, I already feel confused thinking if that’s a good choice.

My country is getting on the top list of the countries most affected by the pandemic.

My nation also stands on top of the most populated countries. So that can be assumed already.

I do think that the world need to quarantine. Self-isolate! Work with home. If required the most get out.

I know people are getting recovered and good things are happening.

But, the seeking of this new normal bring in lots of doubts my way. I want to make sure that my 4 year old nephew is safe and keeps the mask on. I want my uncle to be safe when he visits the office.

I know not everyone can get their work done from home. But, still we need to try as much as we can.

So, at the moment I am taking a walk under the moonlight in my balcony from where I see the shops open and people going here and there. Happy to be out!

Then I see and understand the need of them to get out and serve the society.

As we head back to normal I really want everyone to put on the mask. Wear breathable mask! But, wear it!

………… ……

(Out of topic)

There is an uncle who walks everyday and I have been watching him since the last two weeks. He never stops! Walks fast with those shoes on.


Actually, I am not in a hurry to get out and visit theatre and malls. I do have a wish list ready. But, the lockdown motivated me to save my money and I guess I would like to continue that. I don’t want to get that expensive stuff when I can do okay without them. Savings! Seeking the new normal would be much more conscious to me now. What I do? For what I do that?

Rather than really buying something expensive I would be more than happy to donate. I have been involved with a community from where I am helping the businesses around. I guess that would be on! Still on!!

Well, won’t be having any sex in upcoming months. Here I wish sometimes I would have got in quarantine with someone hot messy man. Well! Well!! I reflected alot on what my needs are and I was happy just being with me in these months. Rather, than he wears condoms or has any STDs I would be worried if he is really okay. You know what I mean. Mask shall be on! Need to be safe in every way. So, only lust for me by myself.

How have you been lately? Are you excited to get back to normal? Let me know your thoughts.

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9 thoughts on “The lust to seek the new

  1. I am fine. The only trips are supermarkets. There will not be any normal and am fine being at home. I have internalized the whole feeling. I shall donate this month and next month, too. Only indulgence are drinks bought online. Minimalist is on my mind so are valuing relationships. Wanna have sex but that’s fine, am not living in normal times. Single pay and hookups maybe something when things get better. I am more sensitive to nature and animals. Lockdown and virus have done good. Hope, I don’t bore you with my comments.

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  2. Getting back to normal? Actually in some ways we’ve never left normal. There’s still hate in the world. There’s still greed in the world. There’s still hunger and poverty in the world. There’s still birth and death in the world. There’s still truth and falsehoods in the world. The only difference is now to add to all of the normal we have a disease that compounds all of our normals in our life. So maybe surviving this pandemic It will teach us to have a new normal whatever normal really is.

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