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Looking for solution #10

First of all read this article on the top vaccines getting through the trials.

The city Aurangabad in Maharashtra where I live in is under red zone.

I hope everyone gets recovered soon!

Want to see me talk about the physical distancing? Catch my YouTube vlog.

I have lots of hopes from all these vaccines like each one of you. Many vaccine trials in India are now teamed up with Oxford too. In case, anyone formula gets perfect then they could start generating more of it.

All in all there are 4 vaccines leading the race.

  1. Beijing
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Oxford University
  4. Pfizer and BioNtech

I am sending power and intelligent-vibes to them. Once they get it right we all will party.

The doctors are also saying that Remdisiver medicine is working.

Read the article here

About the controversial decision

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