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That scary moment

These are the times where I come across with lots of scary moments. Am I breathing properly? Am I doing this well? Is everything good? What’s happening?

Some times it leaves be trembling and it doesn’t matter how calm and composed I am trying to be. It just hits hard!

But keeping in faith that all will be fine has allowed me to get back to normal. Literally!

It doesn’t matter how much news I have consumed and stuff like that. One news or one sentence just sticks with me and worries up the whole damn day.

As the heat in India is very humid and damn hot the sweat just spills up all the time making us all tired. The June will bring showers too. One month to go!

Just read in the News that Israel has got the vaccine and I am already happy. See, these kind of stuff make me happy.

I want everything to just calm down and all. I want all to be healthy and happy.

To whoever who else is feeling lots of things, you aren’t alone.

Today I just uploaded a video on the topic Periods during Pandemic

Check it out!