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The economical concern

Yesterday I took a one day break from social media and it really didn’t mattered a lot. Needed that!

I spent a bit of time on writing scripts for the upcoming videos and stuff like that and planned what needs to be done this week ahead.

As lots of people have lost jobs and as well have lost clients it seems necessary to know in which direction the wind is going to take us. And to be true no one exactly knows how things would turn out after a year or so. Which would be those industries which would bounce back and flourish and help support the economy.

For those who live in the USA make sure you watch the latest series by Refinery 29. They have spoken a lot more about the taxes and stimulus packages.

In India, we aren’t getting anything like that. If anyone knows let me know too!

Also, I watched this session by the University of Chicago. Virtual Harper Lecture Watch it!

Things are going down. Stuff are going crazy.

For the employee to get the job back or for any entrepreneur to get the clients back is going to be difficult. The post Covid-19 era will demand something new and restructuring will be happening everywhere. As the experts say the manufacturing industry will come back first and foremost and followed by others while the tourism and hospitality industry would be the last.

Maybe in 2022 everything will come back again to real normal and the GDP will go up. There won’t be poverty and the debt has been paid.

I have been tuning in with lots of IG lives and webinars just to get an idea as a young entrepreneur to know what’s going on everywhere and how the experts are reacting.

Now, I am trying to increase my client base again as I am trying to do all the other stuff. Other stuff needs to be seen and it can’t be overlooked over ever as we need to survive. My goal of 2020 is still to manage making money and serve people. I am also planning to venture into other sectors and prior to that I am learning about it right now.

This will build us all into resilient human beings.

All is going to be different.

Telecommunications sector would be doing great as all we need right now is a lot of Internet data. I think that the kids college and school fees needs to be reduced as the students are getting the class through their own devices. May be there would be a drop!

What you think are other economical conditions?

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