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Social media detox during Quarantine?

There is a big question rolling in my head these days. As I am getting my ass out of the house very less often these days I tend to flourish my sweet ass time on Instagram. Of course, I am creating awesome content which is making people forget the news for a while. I do feel I am doing great at it! I am ain’t throwing any sincere stuff on my feed lately but a fun gush of insanity and freeness which people can inhale and forget about the stuff which is not gonna get away for like months ahead. I am bold in the videos and not at all shying away from getting on camera without any eyeliner or lip balm. Total natural!

I like that way! Relatable + Candid!

As I have did the digital detox last year I was planning to do it now. But, what’s stopping me is the fact that it will drive me crazy and I’ll get more anxious about the whole scenario. I feel like doing it and again I start to fall for no. Ughh! For sure I will keep you posted about it.

I am working online, getting in touch with folks online and taking classes online. Okay! That’s the blessing but it’s all too much. You know!

It exhausts you! It does exhausts me!

We are seeking connection. Point blank! We are seeking touch. We are seeking the annoying folks we avoided before this pandemic happened. We are scrolling through the flashbacks that take us to our favourite person on earth who is now with someone else. That stings and especially when you start listening to sad song on some evening and he comes in your thoughts and guess what.. you are getting stuck with stuff which you shall not.

You hover around and think of getting in touch with that person but you don’t do any of it. You just welcome the thought and let it go. You don’t board that flight at all. DOING this is very important.

Know what you want and get clear on the things you want during these uncertain times. This will make you strong!

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This article on vice discusses how we youngsters are relying on memes and so on. This one is very interesting article.


These article balances out my confusion and says that it would be okay if I take a week break at least and come back again. How does this sounds to you?

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