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Insta-tine #1

It’s Sunday here and this week has been great so far. My granny birthday was yesterday and we celebrated on facetime and that was a great experience. We all are away!

In recent times, I have made a good effort to not allow the people in my life just because I need someone to rant to and because this quarantine is making me feel like approaching people I’ve planned to not allow to get into my life again. It takes discipline and of course you need to know what you want.

You know and no one know about it. While we look out for the upcoming solution we might feel messed up in lots of ways but we need to keep out minds steady.

One thing I have been realizing is that I have been spending so much time on my Instagram and I need to reduce that. But, the need to be social and see something sort off updates acts as a tool to get out of the mundane stuff which has made us all stuck inside our hoses..ooopsssmm..spelling mistake…houses!

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9 thoughts on “Insta-tine #1

  1. Fighting the urge to reconnect with people we vowed to steer clear of is one of the biggest challenges of this time when the outdoors are hushed and we need to be alone with our own thoughts and feelings most of the time. Hang in there! Find other things to busy yourself with and consider this a potential time for personal growth. 🙂

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