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Looking for solution #9 ChAdOx1 vaccine.

Hey guys!!

I hope you are doing well. Lately, I have been feeling like starting a Live on Instagram. I created an outline and everything is ready to get started from 22nd April.

But, again I got thinking into why I am doing this? I shall keep calm and steady during this times and I am not someone who knows how to face this situation overall. What to do?

I have a book right now where there are loads of notes clipped. But, after reading the news and scrolling around some news which keeps on bombarding all over the day. Suddenly, I started thinking..what needs to be done! Don’t have any answer to it yet.

It’s ruling over. This pandemic is ruling over man.

Please come up with the solution you scientist.

I want to seek the freedom which I love so much.

Many experts say that this could change the landscape of everything. Hey! But I want freedom.

You know the French class I used to go at is now closed and have started over Zoom. I want those interactive and one on one lectures happening. I want my brother to learn by going to school. I want to go at so many different places.

Let’s talk about the solution which can arrive in our blood streams by September.
ChAdOx1 vaccine!

This vaccine is in trials and the Oxford scientists has started manufacturing it as well. So by September the trials results will arrive and then one can get vaccine. That’s amazing!

For your reference

Read this


We are together in this.