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Looking for solution #8


My afternoon are mostly dedicated to sleep these days. It feels great when that sticky saliva sneaks out of the mouth and makes the mattress wet leaving you feel yeuuukk when you get up. Haha!

Well, I am having my birthday coming up. Yes!

So, I am on the lookout of any stationery shop or any supply store which have some needful items. Again I feel like to use that money for something else.

In India I heard recently that the sanitary pads production has been stopped and government has not included it in the essentials during the lock down.

We ladies need those! Okay, those menstruation cups and tampoons exist but sanitary pads are more preferable here.

You know tomorrow in India, at 9 AM.

PM has asked us to switch the lights off and get out in the balcony and lit a candle or a diya. So, it’s Sunday something!

So, stuff are happening!

Research happening:

Mice’s immunity gets stronger

BCG vaccine could be a game changer

Read the articles clipped above you guys.

So, the research is happening. We all want it to happen as soon as possible. Thou’ they say it will take more months. Let’s pray it will happen within one or two months. I pray that it will happen and everybody will have access to it.

Let’s hope for the best!

We’ll get through this.