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Looking for solution #6


Read this which explains how the research is going.

I was happy to know that by the end of the year a vaccine will be in place. Tried and tested well! Check this video out of Oxford’s Professor here

Seems we are going in the right direction.

The weather today is kind of warm.

I have been feeling a little restless in the morning and afternoon. Don’t know why! Hahaa!! I am gonna make sure I don’t jump on cell phone the minute I am done with brushing my teeth. Someone recommended me to get meditation mode on first and then proceed with the day.

This time it is important to do it all in the morning thou I prefer doing in the evening.

Yesterday, I listened to Katie Couric Live on Instagram and she is my favorite. She brings up doctors and psychotherapist and so many more and discussion is happening on air. Yesterday, she had Dr. Deutsch on Live who had the infection but came back negative later.

There is hope!

She also had discussion with a psychotherapist where she asked her questions like what a mom to be can do during this time and how to deal with this quarantine time.

You shall check it out too!!

We’ll get through this!