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Looking for solution #5


Sunday came. I got to know that at 3PM and was again in the window watching the clouds rolling and hoping that solutions arrive ASAP.

Never happened! I always know what day it is and what needs to be done. Just in the flow I didn’t even realized. Okay! Some work needs to be put in there.

There are stuff happening. The elders are scaring the fuck out of all as they just keep on bombarding their thoughts on this situation. Just typical! Keeping on watching the media all the day long and keeping talking about same thing without any hope.

I don’t like that at all.

But, I know one thing that we all having different coping mechanism through this. We know! I came to realization that this structure we are made to keep our self into for a while will allow us to build that strength muscle. We may need to get through the trauma later. But, we have to do that!

In the evening after I was done with my Yoga practice I had a break and saw interviews. The best part about today is that I read a lot. On Instagram, I have started a initiative kind off thing where I engage with the businesses doesn’t matter big or small and put up their feed on my story. To create a support!

I hope that the business will thrive!

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Again, there are people who are feeling totally stupid staying at home and not following the quarantine. They just can’t do it. Why is that fucking hard for those people to understand?

Well, India is under lockdown and I just feel that the lockdown would be extended further.

The Oxford scientists has started experimenting the vaccine in some of the age groups.

I hope something will strike and the solution will bring back the normalcy we all adore.

Well, I am not taking any afternoon naps and instead doing other stuff of all sorts.

What are you doing at the moment?

Tell me!