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Looking for solution #3


Getting anxious when my elders starts speaking about the outbreak in loud voice. They go on with the outbreak thing on and on and don’t stop. Uh huh! Is this the situation at your place as well?

So, how’s my routine?

Well, as I have been working from my home already as a freelancer. This hasn’t affected me that way. But yes, the gigs which I was supposed to get out and do and the me time I used to have. I am home NOW!

Nowadays, I am spending lots of time scrolling through social media. That’s bad, you know! But, I need to be more disciplined now. Yes, I am reading and all. But, the time I jump on social media needs to get down.

Maybe the anxiety moves me to these apps. How about I delete those? I have done it before. As the world is only talking about one thing. But, I feel I need to be available online. Anybody needs to hear what I have to say. This is the time to be a light. I scroll through lots of memes and laugh like…wow! If you are over social media rather than news which freaks us out check some chill stuff.


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