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Looking for solution #2

Hi buddy!

I hope you are well.

Right now it is 8PM and it is raining outside. Avoiding the urge of getting out. The electricity is gone! It’s warm and sweaty. You know tropical season!

I just want to keep calm and avoid getting that Cool breeze.

I am home. Staying inside as much as possible.

Yesterday when the whole country went under lockdown and I heard that this time its gonna be strict. I ran to get some necessary things!

I felt a surge of confusion as for the first time in so many days I went out and Saw which I haven’t seen ever before. Not as many shops were open and not many people.

The importance of the normalcy and the hustle bustle was something I missed.

I know we now listen to birds chirping and all. But, the hustle of the city and going alone on streets as there are kids playing around and all. It was comfortable!

Nowadays, I churn through the news and later find if any research is happening and until where the doctors and epidemiologist has reached. So, I have been keeping updates about MIT reviews and NIH. Because, we need solution now.

Today, I watched Contagion as well.

If you are interested in the solution as much as I am. I know you are!

Tap here.

Article 1

Article 2 MIT

The Cuba

I hope we will get through this.

Today is Gudipadwa which is also known as Marathi Gudi Padwa and FaceTime with my grandma and uncles. Felt so good!

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See you there!

Sending positive vibes!