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Looking for solution #1

In upcoming days whatever you will be reading on here will be fresh as it has always been. Straight from the heart and you will hear, me talking from my home in Maharashtra, India!

I am not at all worried about what headline shall I put on. I worry about EVERYTHING now!

My little brother’s exams won’t be happening because you know. I am not going to name the outbreak. I have made sure that over my Instagram also I don’t use the words which we all are already listening to, reading..and all.

So, you know what I am talking about. The outbreak!

I sometimes feel that we all needed a break from the hustle, achieve, achieve mode and now certainly we feel the stillness which I usually would have experienced during meditation. But, now it feels the whole day is still. No one is in the hurry to get something done and all. But, there are people like me and you who wants to build something through this too. Now, one thing which is going in my mind is how can I build a resilient business.

After crying and all I wrote a page about some random stuff. I felt safe! I literally felt that I will marry that man who is facing all of this. I felt that! He is the hero!

And cheers to all strong women out there.

Today, I came across a video of Instagram which is the place I most Hangout these days … A man of playing saxophone and a piano in the tune of My heart will go on. I simply felt so touched! I feel so emotional watching all of this and get the feeling of wholeness even thou we are far away from each other. The people and the Millennials who grew up reading stuff like …you don’t need anyone! Don’t speak with your neighbor.. be your own! Now, all of it, every where seems come to an end because all are reaching out.

I tried to reach out to my friends on join up on group video call but none of them responded the way I want to. Of course, everyone has their own reasons! When they were free I was caught up!

Things are changing we are accepting stuff which have hit us all so damn hard. No part of the world is missing out on all of this. We literally are together in this!

That togetherness which I have never witnessed being on Earth for two decades, that I am experiencing now! Hence, I feel emotional! People standing for each other, thinking genuinely for the whole, playing guitar for the houses around and playing their part.

We are all standing six feet apart and I want to hug each one! Tightly!!!

My granny sees me talking over video call and chats up along. I feel great! Everyone feels awesome!!

It’s time to slow down & make sure we all come back strong!

Patience is all that we need right now.

Light! Be that!!

So, people let’s document our experiences over here, diary, on internet somewhere, social media, somewhere.

Looking for solution and treatments that …they will come very soon.

Let’s chat on Instagram too