Conversation between Kobe & Gigi Bryant (fiction)

Today I cried when I listened at Ms. Duncan sharing her memory with Kobe Bryant.
He loved being a Girl Dad.
Love Mamba!!
R.I.P Mamba!!!!!
Watch the video here

I was just thinking about what the father daughter duo was speaking about in their last moments. I tried to think!

Allow me to write it down and let me know what you feel.

Gigi: Dad, it’s the match day. We will reach there anytime. Wwhhhhait!! What’s happening?
Kobe: D-don’t worry angel, your dad is with you.
Gigi: Dadddd, I am afraid!
Kobe: You should not be afraid honey, you are Bryant.
We did our job on earth and now it’s time to leave.
Gigi: What about mommy and my little sister?
Kobe: Your sisters and mom are going to be okay. I believe that your mom will take good care of them. She is strong!
Gigi: dad, at least can we survive this daddddy. Plsss!
Kobe: We are! Until our last breath.
Dent has been made. Story which can inspire millions of athletes and non-athletes has been made. Whatever you get through until you take your last breath..dear! Will inspire them all! Tomorrow the social media may fill up with lots of messages and Dms which I can’t answer. We both will be remembered for the motivation and strong character we have honey. I am glad that I am your father. So proud of you. You are the beast. Mamba!

Gigi: But..but.. I want to represent in Women’s NBA. I want to inspire women athletes and I want to take your legacy ahead and serve the world. I don’t want to go! Daddy!! Listen to me…..
Kobe: Yeaash! Honey.. Dad is listening. You know. I would have tried my best to get you and our fellow passengers out of here. But, your dad is under the wreck. Forgive me! Remember, your dad sees you. Gigi! See you on the other side……
Gigi: Saw her dad take his last breath. When other passengers are crying..

( silence spreads)
And the world is still mourning.