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It’s day 24th of #YWAHome and I am enjoying doing it everyday.
Today’s practice was “Uplift” and it was good.
So, here I am sharing with you my experience as far now on mat. Meeting each day on mat. The journey of commitment calls for cheer our inner self more.
Being an entrepreneur it becomes very important that there is a structure in a routine where I serve you all in a very positive way. It is also important that I take some time out for my Body. Mind and Soul.
Before, starting with this challenge I wasn’t so much committed to Yoga but now I love taking my thoughts and plans to the mat where mother earth just accepts me as I AM.
It makes me feel so good and calm. That feeling is something I would love to treasure. It’s like that high!
Through thick and thin I made sure that I do Yoga with Adrienne.

It’s the moment of Uplifting. Let’s help each other rise.

So, if you need some fitness inspiration and want to switch to some routine which will help your body inside and outside I really recommend you to do Yoga.

I am Gym-free!

YOGA has got something which Gym does not offer.

You can talk with me about YOGA in the comments.

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