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The Sunday gupshup #1

Hello fellows,

How many times have you fucked someone since the year began? Truly!!

Well, that is the insane question to start with isn’t it. Maybe!! Or maybe I want you to get the hook of this article and read until the last punctuation. Alas! You are here.

In the midst of such riotic conditions happening. I am chilled out! I shouldn’t be but I am. The things happening in the country capital rules on our dining table. And I hate talking about politics and what crazy things they are up-to.

What a millennial me would do? Well, someone like me would not go over street and waste ton of time yelling and at the end getting abused by police officer. Of course, I want to speak but not like the violent thing. Instead, The best thing I could possibly do is getting stuff on track and work more. Because, I love that most!!

Nowadays, over Social Media there are lots of DMs which are left unanswered. It’s like I just don’t want to get into that pattern again. There is one guy who got into the DMs and when the chat and call sessions happen for a whole week he starts asking for Nudes.

And since I have started my business I am avoiding getting into things like sharing my words or having a dialogue … Talking with this cute dogs. But, somewhere I know that this would be a good decision!

Recently, I listened to RARE. Don’t you what’s that? New Selena Gomez album. The tunes are soft and smooth. Loved it!

I am trying to catch up with tge exact social feed I need to put over my social media. But, Still haven’t started posting any. Want to try something NEW!

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