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Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)

Hello Masters!!

Today I will be talking about the People who made us feel scared through this decade because they were some kind of astrologers and all.

I am from India and as today we witnessed the Solar Eclipse the TV channels were all caught up making the scarier predictions about the Eclipse and all the people were staring at it and feeling afraid.

(I don’t watch such things ever because I know that something amazing is happening up there in the Sky and it is all set to happen)

Well, I do respect the astrologer but those who will guide and give appropriate logical solution.

In this decade, in 2012 we were told in fact you may remember The news which said that that will be end of the world. and stuffs were rolling out!

We are proud and happy to see the years ahead! We will be entering the best year 2020.

In these years at one point I was very much curious about the happening in the world but now NO!! It’s better to just be aware of the things needed most by our business and not things which won’t affect much. Of course we shall be aware of the things around the world but we can’t Just go on watching and talking about it. We need to do!! But, of we can’t contribute anything nice. Then just let’s do our work!

I just want to tell you that if you find yourself into this NEWS thing which don’t stand with you and for you and only shook you at your core.

Have a backbone made up of steel.

Find someone who will fight The obstacle with you.

You have to choose what you let in.



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