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Decade chat with me #3 ( Study to Work)

If I go back ten years I was so willing to go on the Holidays. But now as I have a business I  am more willing to work on the go wherever I go. That’s the freelancing freedom after all. But, I am more happy doing the work. I love it!
Today, I was chatting with my family and they say hey gal we will be going for a holidays and I was like Nice!!
I did made sure that I let know my clients that I will be mailing all the work from next week and maybe I will work. So, just informing you.
Uhhh!! Still I am working. I love it!!

Maybe I was stuck with the same rut of studying each subject for the whole day long. Now I know, I love variety and more variety. I love it!! What I used to learn in school was so basic and I hardly use that now. Waking up at the same time, wrapping the study at the same time. Did that made me want the holidays more? What was it? Oh god!! There was not Netflix then.
Just being around the same folks made me go on the vacay.
Of course, I have learned so much when on the journey! I loved that.
So, when I am out and exploring and there is variety. I love it!!

Have you reflected over it?

Decade has seen me change! So, whoever is reading this I want to tell you that even Thou you may be in college or School and you haven’t thought Of what you need to do. Just stay calm and keep going!
Let it be unconventional!!
Try it!!

Are you on the 9-5 job?  Let me know how you feel about going on a vacation.

I know it’s important to go on a vacation.

Merry Christmas!!


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