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Decade chat with me #2

Hey pastries!!

Always before writing over here I gotta to switch on to the classic editor. It pleases me more!

Today I read that the 90s show the legend in/of the temple would be getting back. If you remember that show used be on air on Nicklodean. Remember, watching the same as a child! I went in total nostalgia. You know!

It’s what today? Oh yes!! It’s 18th of December.

I hope you are loving the Decade chat with me. Let me know your opinion!

Today I am going to write here about the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC which is making my nation violent. Really violent!! We need to prove our citizenship to stay rightfully. The Muslim’s will be struggling more. That’s not good! In the nation where the Constitution of India rightly establishes all the points.

The nation is on fire. The Jamia University in Delhi and JNU are facing lathi charge (getting beaten by rod from police) Police are sexually assaulting the Ladies. The studente from all the states even from reputed institutions like IIT are getting into this protest to reject the bill which is now an act.

Google this! And get all the updates.

The worst thing happens when such protest which turn into riots / violence is that the internet is stopped. They say it spreads violent messages!

But sometimes for letting the world know the truth internet is important.

Such things makes us worry! Yes!! It’s the end of the year. But, what is happening in India?

I hope everything settles down soon!

(Disclaimer : I apologize if I have wrote anything wrong.)

What does it says about the decade we experienced in India? And what are we about to experience?

In the past decade I haven’t see such a riot condition till 2015 I guess. But later, that graph went up and up.. More violence!

And what I feel is that India is going to learn lots of lesson. I hope India just does not forget that it is a democratic power. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have seen India raise it’s power and be among the developed nation by 2020.

I wish it would have happened !

But it’s not happening now!

Doesn’t matter which religion we all belong to we all are one. Indians!!



Bharat I am a lady who stays in one of your states. I am ambitious and happy. You have seen me grow and play in the soil. You have seen me fall down and rise up with a smile. Everything I first had was in you. Within you! And I can’t sit still when I see them breaking the secularity within you which made you “YOU” You saw the Great liberalization, privatization and globalization. But, now where we are? I know you want us to feel safe. I know you are telling us to not fight. But, you know the Amulya votes that machine generated and created is manifesting this day we never ever had thought of. Students who are meant to study are coming together to fight back just to keep their India the way it is. Already gloriously democratic! Gen Z doesn’t worry much while making friends from all the religious background. We are good!

Just like you,

We want our Nation to celebrate the constitution! Now & forever!

Ae watan watan mere abaad rahe tu!



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